General Cleaning Procedures

1. Cleaning personnel shall pad vacuums, carts and other equipment to prevent scratches and other damage in furniture, doorframes, etc. As Needed
2. Cleaning personnel to report to building management any observed building deficiencies, e.g., leaking or inoperable faucets, plugged sinks or toilets, broken fixtures, inoperable lights or switches, loose baseboards, faulty locks, burned out light bulbs, etc. Daily

General Cleaning Items

1. Empty all interior and exterior waste containers and replace liners. Damp wipe waste containers as necessary. Replace can liners. Nightly
2. Remove all refuse and waste materials to the garbage dumpsters by the building. Refuse and waste material to be removed nightly. Nightly
3. Vacuum all carpeting. Nightly

Office Areas

1. Vacuum all carpet in hallways, isles, corridors and traffic areas, etc., moving light furniture as needed. Nightly
2. Vacuum all offices, moving chairs and light furniture as needed. 3x per Week
3. Vacuum chairs and cushions, damp wipe chair arms and bases. As Needed
4. Dust-sweep and wash hard surfaced flooring. Remove gum, tar, and other foreign matter from flooring. Nightly
5. Dust with a treated cloth or mitt all horizontal surfaces under seven feet from floor, i.e., desks, file cabinets, binder bins, furnishings, trim, etc. Weekly
6. Dust baseboards, pictures, frames, charts, graphs, chair rails, trim, louvers, moldings and similar areas. Monthly
7. Spot clean to remove dirt, finger marks, smudges, etc. from all walls, glass areas adjacent to doors, push plates, handles, railings, etc. 3x per Week
8. Clean, polish, and sanitize all drinking fountains and water coolers using germicidal solution. Nightly
9. Wash entry door glass and side panels inside and out. Weekly
10. Damp wipe clean interior building metal including doors, knobs, hinges, lock faceplates, door saddles, push plates, kick plates, etc. Weekly
11. Dust clean all vertical surfaces such as partitions, ventilating louvers and vents, walls, trim, etc. not reached in weekly dusting. Quarterly
12. Dust with a treated cloth or mitt all surfaces above seven feet from floor, i.e., window sills and frames, blinds, ledges, shelves, furnishings, trim, etc. Quarterly
13. Dust clean all ceiling light fixtures and lenses, exposed pipes and ducts, ceiling vents and grids, etc. Damp wipe with cloth dampened with water only, as needed. Semi-Annually
14. Wash and clean all vinyl base. Yearly

Main Entrances and Building Entries

1. Dust-sweep and wash hard surfaced flooring. Remove gum, tar, and other foreign matter from flooring. Nightly
2. Vacuum floor mats thoroughly. Nightly
3. Dust with a treated cloth or mitt all horizontal surfaces under seven feet from floor. Nightly
4. Clean interior building signage and decorative metal as needed. Nightly
5. Completely clean all entrance door glass and entryway glass sidelights. Nightly
6. Remove dirt, finger marks, smudges, etc. from doors, door frames, walls up to 7 feet, switch plates, glass, push plates, railings, moldings, trim, etc. Nightly
7. Do high dusting (as specified under office areas). Monthly
8. Completely clean floor mats twice each month from October through April, once in May, July, and September, and as needed. As Scheduled & as Needed
9. Wash all interior limestone, granite and other similar wall surfaces. 2x per Year

Elevator Lobbies and Main Corridors

1. Dust sweep hard surfaced flooring to ensure dust-free floors. Nightly
2. Clean tile, granite, limestone, and similar flooring. Nightly
3. Thoroughly vacuum and remove spots and stains from carpeting, including edges and corners. Nightly
4. Dust baseboards, trim, louvers, moldings, pictures, doors, planters, and all other fixtures, etc. under seven feet from floor. Nightly
5. Remove dirt, finger marks, smudges, etc. from doors, doorframes, walls, switch plates, glass, push plates, handles, railings, molding, trim, etc. Wipe metal trim as necessary using cloth dampened with water only. Nightly
6. Do high dusting (as defined under office areas). Monthly
7. Spot clean carpeting Nightly


1. Sweep and wet mop flooring with approved germicidal detergents at disinfectant strengths. Nightly
2. Wash and polish mirrors, and all chrome and other bright work including shelves, flushometers, faucets, exposed piping, toilet seat and partition hinges, dispensers, and all other washroom fixtures. Nightly
3. Wash all surfaces of toilets and urinals using approved germicidal detergent solution at disinfectant strength. Bowl cleaner to be used in the interior. Nightly
4. Clean all wash basins and counter tops. Nightly
5. Spot clean partitions, tile walls, and doors with special attention to areas behind sinks, around urinals, toilets and around entrance. Remove graffiti. Nightly
6. Empty and clean towel and sanitary disposal receptacles and remove waste material. Replace liners in all receptacles with liners. Wash clean receptacles as needed. Nightly
7. Clean and sanitize door handles and push plates using germicidal solution. Nightly
8. Refill toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap and sanitary products, seat liners etc. Test dispensers to ensure proper operation. Supplies to be furnished by owner. Report non-functioning, or poorly operating dispensers to Owner. Nightly
9. Wash partition, tile walls and enamel painted surfaces with approved germicidal detergent solution. Weekly
10. Machine scrub flooring with approved germicidal detergent solution. Monthly
11. Do high dusting and damp wipe ceiling vents. Monthly
12. Clean and flush floor and other drains using germicidal detergent solutions. Nightly
13. Plunge toilets as needed. Notify Owner of toilets or drains needing routing. Report all non-functioning equipment to Owner. Nightly


1. Vacuum carpeted floor areas. Nightly
2. Police stairwells and remove trash and debris. Nightly
3. Spot clean doors, handrails, stair nosing, walls and glass as needed. Nightly
4. Sweep or wet mop stair and landings; dust handrails and other horizontal surfaces. Weekly
5. Do low dusting (as defined in office areas). Nightly
6. Dust all vertical surfaces and light fixtures not dusted weekly. Monthly
7. Wash stair nosing and landings. Monthly
8. Do high dusting (as defined in office areas). Quarterly
9. Clean light fixtures and lenses. Monthly


1. Completely vacuum elevator floors and remove spots from carpeted areas. Nightly
2. Clean and polish doors, inside and outside, using a cloth dampened with water only. Nightly
3. Clean elevator saddles, door tracks, etc. keeping them free from dirt and debris, polish regularly as needed. Nightly
4. Hand clean and polish baseboards, trim railings, etc. Nightly
5. Keep walls, panels, etc. clean and free from finger marks and smudges. Nightly
6. Wash clean and dry light fixtures and ceiling grilles. Weekly

Building Service Areas and Building Exterior

1. Keep locker rooms, docks, showers, restrooms, common area space and offices, Access Control offices, janitor closets, common use areas, etc. in neat and clean condition. Nightly
2. Sweep all common-use service areas and remove all trash and debris. Wet mop as needed. Nightly
3. Wipe down all ledges under 8 feet. Nightly
4. Remove all trash and debris from landscaped areas around entries. Weekly
5. Wash flooring in service corridors and receiving area. Weekly
6. Machine scrub or pressure wash service corridors, exterior receiving area, entries and entry sidewalks. As Needed
7. Remove cobwebs and insects under exterior soffit and around concrete columns. Semi-Annual
8. Clean mechanical, electrical, elevator equipment and phone rooms, etc. Sweep, dust, damp mop, strip and buff flooring as needed. Monthly

Window Cleaning Standard Services

1. Exterior Windows 2x per Year (min)
2. Interior Windows Annually
3. Lobby Windows interior and exterior Quarterly