Tenant Manual

Building Rules

The following rules are designed to help building management maintain cleanliness, good appearance, proper maintenance of the building and premises, and to facilitate proper enjoyment by all occupants. These rules may be subject to change at any time. Tenants are responsible for any injuries incurred by or costs for repairs due to failure to follow any rules set herewith.

  1. Do not use any sidewalks, halls, passages, exits, and entrances for any purpose other than ingress and egress from their respective premises. These areas are not to be obstructed and are for the use of the general public. Building Management may control and prevent access to anyone who may, in the judgement of Building Management, jeopardize the safety, character, reputation, and interests of the Building and Tenants. No one is to go onto the roof of the Building or into any of the mechanical/electrical areas without the consent of Building Management.
  2. Tenants are not allowed to alter locks or install new or additional locks or bolts on any door or window anywhere on the premises. All keys are to be obtained from Building Management. If Tenants wish to re-key their premises, permission from Building Management is needed and a new master key must be provided to Building Management within 24 hours.
  3. Tenants are responsible for seeing that all doors are locked and secured before the last employee leaves the premises each day.
  4. Tenants are responsible for seeing that all water faucets or other water features are entirely shut off before the last employee leaves the premises each day.
  5. Tenants are not allowed to add new wiring or to alter the location of telephones, call boxes, and other office equipment, or to add an apparatus of any kind to existing wiring without the written consent of Building Management and installation from a licensed electrician.
  6. Tenants are not allowed to lay linoleum, tile, carpet, or any similar permanent floor covering without approval from Building Management.
  7. Tenants are responsible for notifying Building Management of any accident or defects in plumbing, water pipes, electrical wiring, or heating and cooling systems.
  8. Building Management has the right to expel any person who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who is otherwise violating Building rules.
  9. Pursuant to the “Utah Indoor Clear Air Act”, §§26-38-1 et. seq. of the Utah Code, smoking is prohibited inside any part of the Building or within 25 feet of the Building. Smoking shall only be permitted on the Premises at designated smoking areas. All smoking waste shall be disposed of in Landlord-approved waste containers. “Smoking” means the possession of any lighted tobacco product in any form.
  10. Tenants are not allowed to conduct any auction on the premises.
  11. Tenants are not allowed to store good, wares or merchandise on the premises save for those designated for the Tenants’ own use.
  12. Tenants are not allowed to solicit business in common areas of the Building, or distribute or display any handbills or other advertising in these common areas.
  13. Tenants are not allowed to permit or encourage any political canvassing, soliciting, peddling, or demonstrating anywhere on the premises.
  14. Tenants are not allowed to bring bicycles, motor scooters, or other vehicles into the building.
  15. Tenants are not allowed to bring animals other than service animals as required by law on the premises.
  16. Tenants are not allowed to store flammable items (liquids, space heaters, firearms, fireworks, candles, etc.) or engage in behavior that may increase the risk of fire.
  17. Tenants are not allowed to use machinery in the building with may cause noise or tremors in the floors or walls, or which by weight might damage the structure of the building.
  18. Tenants are not allowed to hire their own janitor or custodian outside of the custodial staff without the consent of Building Management.
  19. Toilets, sinks, or other washroom fixtures are to be used only for their intended purposes.
  20. Tenants are not allowed to store, manufacture, treat, or dispose of any hazardous materials, noxious gases, or other harmful substances.
  21. Tenants are allowed access to the premises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Building Management can and will close and lock all entrances on weekends, holidays, and between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 am.
  22. Those who work for Building Management are not allowed to perform any services outside of their official duties or to admit any person to the premises without specific instructions from Building Management.
  23. Building Management reserves the right to prescribe the weight and position of any filing systems, safes, computer systems, or other heavy items.
  24. Tenants are required to protect carpets by placing protective chair mats under all chairs with coasters, wheels, or rollers.
  25. Tenants are not allowed to mark, drive nails, screw, or drill into any partitions, woodwork, or plaster anywhere on the premises.
  26. All tenants shall adhere to the “reasonable hours of generally recognized business days” as defined as the hours from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (Mountain Time), Monday through Friday, legal holidays excepted. Building services are generally provided during business hours.
  27. Tenants are to be environmentally conscious and should take all reasonable steps to conserve the water, energy, and other resources made available through a lease agreement.
Moving Information

Those moving in or out of the Jordan Commons tower should take care not to disrupt other tenants. To make this easier, all moves must take place outside of business hours and with the approval of Jordan Commons Building Management. Other requirements are as follows:


  • Please provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance from your moving company.
  • Secure any necessary permits prior to your move.


  • Properly scheduling the day and time of your move with building management will allow them to provide you with access to the freight elevator and the loading dock area.
  • Please note that passenger elevators are not to be used when moving and that the loading dock area is to be used to entering and exiting the building during a move.
  • After-hours moves will require the use of access cards.
  • Avoid blocking any corridors, exits, elevators, lobbies, or parking areas.

Care For the Premises:

  • You are responsible for any trash or detritus left behind after your move and for protecting the floors, elevators, and premises in general.
  • Before moving, please conduct an inspection and note any damage—any damage not noted will be your responsibility after the move.
  • Please create a punch list both before and after the move.

Guidelines for Moving Companies

  • Any movers must use masonite board or another kind of protective covering on the floor in all places where handcarts are used.
  • Likewise, pads are to be used to protect walls, doorways, and entrances.
  • Moving companies must be bonded.
  • Moving companies are required to follow all Jordan Commons rules and regulations.
  • Movers must avoid playing loud music or smoking while on the premises.
Building Services

Jordan Commons is pleased to be able to offer a number of services to our tenant. The primary services we offer are cleaning, maintenance, and public safety services. In order to better facilitate these services, we request that all tenants designate a contact person, who will serve as a liaison between you and Building Management.

Cleaning Services

  • Each month, Building Management will conduct a cleaning inspection of each office and common area.
  • The tenant contact is invited to participate in each cleaning inspection to discuss any issues they may have.
  • Custodial services that fall outside of the lease agreement can be arranged through the custodial service manager for an additional fee.

Maintenance Services

  • Requests for maintenance services may be made by contacting Building Management.
  • Each request results in a response from the maintenance team.
  • Periodically, a representative of Building Management will visit each office to ensure a high level of maintenance service.
  • For maintenance emergencies that occur outside of normal business hours, please call the Public Safety Office.

Public Safety Services

  • The Public Safety Office is located in the South Loading Dock Tunnel.
  • The Public Safety Office is responsible for monitoring Office Tower main entry, basement, parking structure, and loading dock areas via camera.
  • The Office of Public Safety should be contacted in the following situations:
    • A solicitor, trespasser, vagrant or other unwanted individual is present within the Office Tower or on the property.
    • There is a suspicion of theft or another security issue.
    • A tenant requires an escort to a vehicle at night.
    • There is an emergency anywhere on the property.
  • Please note that the presence of an in-house Public Safety team and various security measures does not guarantee absolute safety and security, but it is a means to better serve our tenants.

Other Services

  • Access Cards are provided by Building Management though an application process or each cardholder.
  • If an access card fails to function, please contact Building Management.
  • Replacement cards, or cards that fall outside the scope of the lease agreement are available for a fee.
  • Parking areas are available for tenants in the parking structures and in surface parking areas, but tenants should avoid parking in areas designated for customers and guests.
Mail and Delivery Services

There is a mailroom located in the basement, just off of the elevator lobby. Each tenant is assigned a mailbox and issued two keys. Deliveries from both the U.S. Postal Service and any Express Delivery services will be routed through the mailroom. If you have any problems or questions about your mail or delivery services, please use one of the contact numbers below:

  • Sandy City Post Office—1-800-275-8777
  • Federal Express—1-800-238-5355
  • Airborne Express—1-800-247-2676
  • UPS—1-800-742-5877
Tenant Directory

As part of the Lease Agreement, each tenant will have their name (as stated in the Lease Agreement) listed in the building directory. Any changes to a tenant’s name in the building directory will require a fee. A directory listing consists of a company name and suite number. If individual name listings are approved, they will be indented below the company name.

Each tenant will also be given one suite sign. All signage must be in accordance with the lease agreement and any additional signage or signage exceptions, including temporary signs, must be approved by Building Management. Each tenant may place a company logo and name sign in its reception area that may be visible from the corridor through the tenant’s entry door, as long as the location and appearance are reasonably acceptable to Building Management.

All directory listing and suite sign orders must be in writing. Please allow 10 business days for fabrication.